Download Worms Zone MOD APK latest version and control your worm to become the biggest in the arena! You must be keen to avoid all obstacles and feed your worm.


Worms Zone Mod Apk

Worms Zone Mod Apk


Category: Action

Package: com.wildspike.wormszone

Verions: 1.3.7-b


Filesize: 28M

OS: 5.1

Updated: 21-05-2020

DESCRIPTION Worms Zone Mod Apk

Worms Zone was released in 2018 by Wild Spike. It challenges you to grow the length of your worm significantly. To achieve this, you’ll be required to have unmatched agility and wits!

At the beginning of the game, each player will have only one game mode available. This enables you to enjoy a fulfilling experience as you rise through the levels and unlock new and sophisticated stages.

Interestingly, the game gives the players numerous power-ups to boost their chances of winning. It would help if you never missed the opportunity to gather these power-ups since they’ll give you an advantage over your competitors.

If you believe that you have all the skills to grow the worm into extraordinary lengths, you should not hesitate to download Worms Zone for Android. The pocket version allows you to enjoy the game through your tablet and other mobile devices.

Worms Zone Mod Android
Worms Zone Mod Android

An Exciting Gameplay

Worms Zone has simple gameplay ideal for everyone. When you join the game, you must start controlling your worm immediately.

Ensure that you get power-ups while avoiding the numerous obstacles that characterize the game. The longer your worm gets, the higher your chances of winning!

Additionally, you can customize your worm to suit your desires—increase speed, manoeuvrability, gaming area, and many others!

Unique Features of Worms Zone

  • A Challenging Game Mode. This game has incredibly challenging gameplay! You must learn special tricks to control the ever-growing worms in a limited space. Worse still, the gaming area will have other worms! As such, you must compete for space and resources.
  • Cute Background. The game comes with a beautiful skin that is catchy enough to keep you glued to your screen without getting bored.
  • Elaborate Graphics and Sound Systems. The game has impressive worms and other objects. They are highlighted in different colours that help in beautifying the gameplay. Additionally, you’ll enjoy phenomenal sound systems that’ll emphasize every action that you undertake!
  • Numerous Power-Ups. The game has many power-ups available within the gaming area. Ensure that you gather as many as possible to increase your chances of winning the game.
  • Generous Rewards. You’ll get special rewards at the end of every level. These treasures are instrumental since they’ll help you to unlock more sophisticated features for the betterment of the gameplay.


Worms Zone Mod Apk Free Download

To get an even more fulfilling gaming experience, you should download the latest version of Worms Zone MOD. This enhanced game has extraordinary features that enable you to grow your worm without a hassle.

Even more impressive, you’ll get more power-ups to help you zoom in, avoid a collision, increasing the food eaten five-folds, and grow your worm faster.

Also, the modded version has unlimited resources and lacks advertisements. This guarantees a user-friendly interface for guaranteed fun.


If you love casual games, then you should download Worms Zone. It offers exceptional power-ups and superb graphics for guaranteed gaming fun.

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