Download Traffic Rider MOD APK and enjoy blood-curdling motorcycle rides. You’ll be required to ride at top speed through heavy city traffic.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Traffic Rider Mod Apk

Author: Soner Kara

Category: Racing

Package: com.skgames.trafficrider

Verions: 1.61


Filesize: 79.89 MB


Updated: 12-03-2020

DESCRIPTION Traffic Rider Mod Apk

This is a first-person riding game that requires a high level of discipline to maneuver through tricky city roads.

It has approximately 20 bikes which allows you to select the one that suits your desires. However, you should be keen to only unlock bikes that you can afford since you’ll be working with a relatively stringent budget.

Additionally, the Traffic Rider is characterized by straight roads. As such, you will race devoid of fear of crashes on sharp bends. This feature ensures that you achieve the best speeds.

To win the game, you must perform well through the traffic, avoid collisions, avoid violating traffic rules, and set record times. The more you earn points, the easier it’ll be for you to customize your bike and become even more powerful!

Incredibly Easy Controls/ Gameplay

Traffic Rider has made it simple to operate the bike. You’ll achieve all the operations by simple touches of your screen.

To accelerate, you’ll gently touch the right handlebar on your screen. On the other hand, braking will be achieved by touching the left handlebar.

If you want to tilt the bike, you’ll only be required to tilt your device towards the desired tilting direction!

When passing a car, you should cut it as close as possible to achieve more points.

Unique Graphics

This game is completed with 3-D graphics which guarantees incredible fun. It simulates a busy street with heavy traffic. This makes the racing environment so real that you’ll be immersed in the action entirely.

Additionally, this game has superb sound effects. All the motorcycle sounds produced a match that produced in real-life racing.

Valid Tips for Winning the Game

The only way you can win this game is by ensuring that you accumulate as many points as possible. To achieve this, ensure that you expertly maneuver through the heavy traffic without causing any accidents. The more you overtake vehicles closely on the road, the more points you’ll garner.

You should ensure that you upgrade your motorcycle regularly. Your primary target should be to get a highly stable bike that can achieve maximum acceleration within the shortest time possible.

Also, you should do wheelies and drive in the opposite direction (when in a two-way road) will earn you massive points.

Get the Traffic Rider MOD APK Now

The Traffic Rider MOD version offers better control. As such, you’ll have more fun when using the version.

Unique MOD Features

  •  Unlimited Bike Unlocks
  • Real Motorcycle Sounds
  • More than 70 Missions
  • Unique First Person Camera View


Download the Traffic Rider MOD APK and enjoy every minute you spend on this world-class riding race!

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