Download TerraGenesis MOD APK and get started with the coolest astronomical game of all time. This game is designed to give one of the most unique gameplay ever built.

TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk

TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk

Author: Tilting Point

Category: Simulation

Package: com.alexanderwinn.TerraGenesis

Verions: 5.6


Filesize: 55M

OS: 6.0

Updated: 12-05-2020

DESCRIPTION TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Mod Apk

Do you have flair to take on challenges that our astronauts face while on a space mission? Do you have guts to create life on lifeless planets in our universe? If yes, then you must download TerraGenesis for Android.

It is developed to offer space-based gameplay. You won't be able to find such interesting, engaging, and special games on the internet easily.

With its realistic 3D graphics, it will lure you into playing it for a very long time. Try not to get addicted to it, as addiction is always unhealthy.

A medium configuration mobile device can easily run this wonderful game. Please do not try running it on a low-end phone, or else it may cause severe hardware issues.

Totally Different and Awesome gameplay

This game is set in the universe, where you play the character of a human who is sent on a mission to work hard on some other planet in the universe.

You start from a barren planet, which is lifeless in the beginning. Your goal will be to cultivate plant life there. Use a number of tools given to you and show the people of planet Earth what you are capable of.

As you progress, your given planet will start to become habitable, enabling it to support life. Watch how beautifully your planet becomes capable of supporting human life.

You won't get to play such kind of space simulation games every day. Hence, you must give this game a shot and see its awesomeness.

Beautiful 3D Graphics

It's always beautiful to look at the sky at night and see those glowing stars. Similarly, just like in every space movie, you’ll get graphics in 3D format.

The developers have put a lot of effort into delivering such amazing and stunning visuals. There is a high level of clarity and tremendous detailing feature on all the stuff.

Realistic implementation of all planets adds to the glory of this game. Even the scrolling of the screen is quite smooth.

MOD APK Features

TerraGenesis Space Settlers is equipped with way more hacked version features, which are worth giving a look.

  • Get the unlocked version, which is called TerraGenesis MOD APK unlocked
  • TerraGenesis MOD APK free download:
  1. Can be played for free
  2. Heavy implementation of advertisements
  3. Encourages users to opt for in-game purchases
  4. Rated as Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store
  5. Requires Android 6.0 or up
  6. Rated for ages 3+
  7. Low download size (less than 100MB)


All the space fans out there, TerraGenesis MOD APK latest version is a great game to try out. With realistic science from NASA, get started with the mission to cultivate life on desolate planets. If you have flair to bring a dead planet to life, then you must play this game. Download now!

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