Download Project IGI MOD APK latest version for Android and enjoy action-filled gameplay. It gives a military-packed gaming experience that’ll easily addict you! 


Project IGI Mod Apk Mod Apk

Project IGI Mod Apk Mod Apk


Category: Action

Package: Project IGI

Verions: v1.1


Filesize: 84.2 MB

OS: 3.0

Updated: 18-05-2020

DESCRIPTION Project IGI Mod Apk Mod Apk

The game starts with straightforward assignments to enable you to learn the ropes. However, it’ll become more complicated as you rise the gaming levels.

The game is set in a military area, and your primary role will be to accomplish various missions and earn treasures. Ensure that you competently face off your protagonists expertly to win the game.

Most importantly, you must be patient enough to gradually unravel all the tricks and attack when it’s right. Additionally, ensure that you regularly upgrade your weapons, thus boosting your chances of exterminating your enemy.

Unique Features of Project IGI

  • Easy Android Navigation. Project IGI features an enhanced user interface for all gamers using the Android operating system. Interestingly, you’ll get virtually all the features of the PC version on your mobile device!
  • More Weapons Available. With Project IGI, you’ll access many weapons that’ll further enhance your gaming experience. Some of the unique weaponry include spaceships and jets.
  • Superb Military Action. Project IGI is one of the best games for military warfare experiences. You’ll get many fighting tools that can only match those of sophisticated military groups from superpower countries!
  • Unique Multiplayer Mode. Project IGI has allows you to invite your friends and relatives for tantalizing gameplay.
  • Easy Navigation. The game has super cool navigation features that make it ideal for both professionals and amateurs.


Super Quality Graphics

Project IGI has unbeatable 3D graphics and realistic gaming physics. It simulates a real-like military action with unique battlefields. Even better, it utilizes different settings, including open fields, enclosed offices, and other outstanding fighting grounds.

Additionally, the game has unique sound systems that emphasize every action that you take on the battlefield. This unique feature keeps you immersed in the gameplay for long without getting bored.

Download Project IGI APK Latest Version Now

This modded version has more additional features that will undoubtedly transform your gaming experience for the better. It has super easy controls which leave you to concentrate fully on the gameplay.

Unique MOD Features

  • Unlimited Weapons. This feature ensures that you use powerful weapons which will help increase the gaming thrill significantly
  • No Ads. Say goodbye to adverts by downloading this latest version of Project IGI APK MOD. You’ll have uninterrupted gaming sessions for as long as you want!
  • Realistic Physic Mechanics. When using the modded version of the game, you’ll enjoy real-like weapon use and highly practical battlefields
  • Multiple Power-Ups. The MOD game allows you to continually upgrade your character as well as your weaponry thus increasing your winning chances


Project IGI is an outstanding game that gives you an incredible military action. It has numerous blood-curdling scenes that’ll leave you asking for more gaming time.

Download the latest version today and enjoy its unique graphics and tantalizing music system!

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