Download Polysphere Mod APK for the next-level puzzle game that tests your wits! Unlock all levels and get rid of ads.

Polysphere Mod Apk

Polysphere Mod Apk

Author: Playgendary Limited

Category: Arcade

Package: com.playgendary.polyspherecoolgame

Verions: 1.4.9


Filesize: 36M

OS: 5.0

Updated: 18-04-2020

DESCRIPTION Polysphere Mod Apk

Polysphere is the perfect game to binge on if you have a lot of time to spare. Upon entering the game, you will be presented with seemingly unending boxes that contain the puzzles you need to solve. It offers a sophisticated puzzle gameplay with the crystal-like pieces.

This is not one to be downplayed as the pieces to be solved are intricately designed in 3D. You will need to double-up your imagination skills to unravel the mysterious image. Continuously move the shards of crystal pieces in all angles until you solve the piece.

Get a dose of relaxation and enjoyment in this trendy puzzle game. Play without having to rush with all the spherical puzzles to be solved.

Enchanting Visuals and Sounds

As the name suggests, the pieces formed in this game form a sphere. The 3D rendering of the graphics are a visual delight. The overall theme makes use of gradients and colorful palettes that give it a trendy vibe.

Matching the visuals are the relaxing and enchanting sound that plays in the background. Every puzzle solved is rewarded with victorious chime sounds.

Polysphere Mod APK for Android

A new puzzle game developed by Playgendary Limited, it has amassed almost half a million downloads on Google Play. Players have nothing but positive reviews to the gameplay. The shard pieces may look complicated on a first glance but as you go along, you’ll be drawn in.

Bring the sophistication on your mobile phone with Polysphere Mod APK android. Make sure to not miss this on your phone to chill the classy and intellectual way.

If you are looking for an entertaining game without the heart-pumping action, grab your Polysphere Mod APK free download. Wear your creative thinking cap to get through each level.

Unlimited Access to Polysphere Puzzles

Polysphere Mod APK new version provides the right exercise for your brain. Pass the time more productively by solving countless of puzzles on deck. Polysphere Mod APK lets you enjoy the game without any restrictions.

Get your share of Polysphere Mod APK cracked to keep your momentum in solving the mysterious spherical images. Despite the many positive reviews, the volume of ads may tend to be bothersome. Don’t want ads? We got you covered with Polysphere Mod APK no ads.

Exciting benefits are unlocked for you:

  • Unlimited access to cards
  • Shop all items for free
  • Ads removed

Join the thousands of people hooked to the enchanting world of Polysphere!

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