Download My High School Detective Mod APK and solve numerous mysteries in this adventurous bishoujo game. It uses superb Japanese graphics and has exceptional sound quality.

My High School Detective Mod Apk

My High School Detective Mod Apk

My High School Detective Mod Apk

Author: Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Category: Simulation

Package: studio.genius.gakuentantei

Verions: 1.0.0


Filesize: 53M

OS: 5.0

Updated: 13-06-2020

DESCRIPTION My High School Detective Mod Apk

This is a well-thought-out Bishoujo game that was developed by the Genius Studio in Japan. It’s set in a school environment where you’ll play as the smartest student in your class.

As such, you’ll be tasked with solving various mysteries that characterizes your school. Will you be able to solve all these puzzles? Download My High School Detective for Android and test your problem resolution skills.

My High School Detective Mod

An Interesting Storyline

This game starts immediately after you resume school after a relatively long break. As the most informed guy in your class, you’re certain that you’re about to face a long boring semester.

To avert this, you decide to engage in activities that’ll spice your semester. Fortunately, two rival detectives have joined your school and a spectre thief has tagged along!

You decide to study them at first but you finally give in to your desires of engaging the trio. In your interactions, you’ll discover that their plenty of mysteries in the institution that requires your input for resolution.

Even more interesting, you’ll the two girls as your fellow detectives. As such, you can be confident of dynamic gameplay characterized by romance and mystery!

Unique Characters of the Game

This game has 3 distinct characters; each with unique qualities and abilities. They include:

  • Maya. She is an experienced detective! While she just transferred to your school, the girl has a wealth of experience acquired from managing a detective club in her former school. She is intellect but highly emotional and she can cry over petty things!
  • Izumi. This is a highly irritable lady detective. She’s not as brilliant as Mata but she’s very proactive and energetic.
  • Olivia. This girl appears apprehensive at first but you’ll get used to her as you continue with the gameplay. She dresses up as a spectre thief and tries to trigger unconventional relationships.

You should ensure that you use these characters to get all the qualities and skills you require to unravel various mysteries in your school. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to get a like-minded girlfriend in the process!

My High School Detective Apk

Outstanding Graphics and Sound Systems

This game has unique 3D graphics with an exceptional Japanese touch to bring out the best of each character. Also, the game has great sound systems that’ll surely addict you to the gameplay.

My High School Detective Mod APK Free Download

This modded version offers premium features for free. You’ll have a simple user interface and simple controls to ensure that you only concentrate on the gameplay.

Additionally, the MOD version has no adverts. This feature enables you to minimize disruption and immerse in the game for optimal fun.


Download the latest version of My High School Detective and solve mind-boggling problems.

You must be consistent in every activity until you find the perfect solution for all the mysteries in your school.

Mod Features:

  • Free Premium Choices
  • No Ruby Consume

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