If you are a fun of adventurous romance stories, you should consider downloading My Elemental Girlfriend like yesterday. Indulge yourself in the thrill of three spirt cuties.

My Elemental Girlfriend Mod Apk

My Elemental Girlfriend Mod Apk

Author: Genius Studio Japan Inc.

Category: Simulation

Package: studio.genius.seireigirl

Verions: 1.0.0


Filesize: 16M

OS: 5.0

Updated: 14-05-2020

DESCRIPTION My Elemental Girlfriend Mod Apk

The game is a romance story featuring three girls based on the Japanese Genius Studio. You will be required to navigate your around a problematic challenge while wooing a beautiful girl. She will finally become your girlfriend but have to make the right decisions, as many other girls will fall for you. Whom will you settle for? The powerful, shy, funny girl, or you will fall for just a girl out there.

A fantastical route is the route taken by the game, but you have to awake the girls from a dream. Hence, you will find three elemental girls standing in front of you and start making your choices. Each represents an element such as fire, air, or water, which affects their personality.

Game Features

The storyline

Finding your match in the game is quite fun and requires you to think through your decisions. On your way home, something bizarre happens as a speeding driver almost knocks you down, but when you wake up, you meet three cute girls.

The Mission

Genius studio is known for romance stories, and My Elemental Girlfriend is not an exception. As the girls undertake to recover elemental stones, you will be required to choose whom to help, and she finally becomes your girl.

Laman Fire Spirit

Laman is a blazing character both in personality and in appearance. In most scenarios, she acts before thinking, and her impulsiveness is attractive. Despite this, she is beautiful and confident in her actions. Can you help her prove she is worthy of those judging her?

Udie Water Spirit

Udie is challenging to deal with, as she will conceal her feelings. She is a caring and reliable person, but you need to be careful how you approach her, and you will discover the beauty. She has a mysterious side, and you have to be patient to get to what resides in her heart.

Canon Earth Spirit

She is reserved and has a golden heart. Since she is always striving to become better, she is challenging to control. However, she needs your help to overcome challenges in life.

Download My Elemental Girlfriend Mod Apk

Although the gameplay may appear quite simple, you will find lots of limitations, especially with lower levels that limit your gameplay. Hence, you will require the Mod version of the game to access all premium features and meet your perfect match.

My Elemental Girlfriend Mod Apk Latest Version Top Features

  • Premium Choices
  • No ruby
  • Everything unlocked
  • Zero ads


Get the My Elemental Girlfriend Mod Apk Free Download for a fantastic gameplay as you challenge yourself to make perfect decisions. The game will often test your thinking, killing boredom instantly.

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