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KartRider Rush Mod Apk

KartRider Rush Mod Apk

Author: NEXON Company

Category: Racing

Package: com.nexon.kart

Verions: 1.0.8


Filesize: Varies with device

OS: 4.4

Updated: 02-06-2020

DESCRIPTION KartRider Rush Mod Apk

Experience a delightful game of kart racing with the cute and fun-loving characters of KartRider. Nexon releases a refreshing spin-off of the game with Kartrider Rush+.

KartRider Rush+ brings back the lovable cartoon racers on track. Enjoy kart racing like you’ve never seen before with advanced technology. Combine the thrill of racing and engaging into attacks against your rivals in the unique quests in the game.



Have a more in-depth look into the stories behind the racers through Kartrider Rush+. Chase after evils such as Pirate Captain Lodumani.

Upon entering the game, you will be asked to choose between the two main characters, Dao and Diz. Dao is the one in a light blue costume known to be a fiery racer who is passionate, optimistic, and heroic. Meanwhile, Diz dons a yellow costume; known to be the shy type yet transforms into a daring racer behind the wheel.

After you choose your character, input its nickname and pick a gender for the quick voice replies. You will be eased into the game as it will let you familiarize with the tracks and drifting. A smart helmet will be awarded to your character upon completion of the training.

Get ready to race on various enjoyable tracks alongside quests for you to accomplish. Kartrider Rush+ presents different game modes that bring different kinds of adventures. These game modes are categorized as Speed Race, Arcade, Ranked, Story, and Time Trial.

Power boosts are available for your use to guarantee your victory. Activate nitro to zoom past your rivals. For the races that include attacks, equip your hero with weapons such as missiles, shield, and angel wings. In the team games, the use of angel wings will block attacks to your whole team.


Cute Graphics in High-Definition

Kartrider Rush+ showcases high-definition 3D graphics of cute and chibi-like heroes and rivals. The whole game environment gives off a positive and energetic aura that you can’t help but get drawn to its charms. You will have fun choosing from a wide array of top-of-the line karts.

Another fun aspect in the game is the endearing voice-overs. They give life and add color to the personalities of the Dao, Diz, and the rest of KartRider characters.

KartRider Rush Mod APK Free Download

Dash your way to different exciting race tracks with your amazing kart. Unlock all racing modes and karts with the unlimited money of Kartrider Rush Mod APK Latest Version. Join the over 5 million Android users in the online kart adventures.

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