Download Geometry Dash Lite Mod APK and get started with the dangerous platform arcade gaming. This game is sure to make you remind of old nasty geometry in your school.

Geometry Dash Lite Mod Apk

Geometry Dash Lite Mod Apk

Author: RobTop Games

Category: Simulation

Package: com.robtopx.geometryjumplite

Verions: 2.2


Filesize: 58M

OS: 4.0

Updated: 15-04-2020

DESCRIPTION Geometry Dash Lite Mod Apk

After the success of Geometry Dash, a lite version Geometry Dash Lite has been launched, which has nothing to do with Geometry. Except for the fact that characters here are actually different shapes used in geometry.

Since it’s a lite version, there is nothing that can stop you from running this game perfectly on a low configuration mobile device.

With classic 8-bit video game graphics, it will make you remind of veteran games such as Super Mario, Contra, etc..

Somewhat horror and terrifying music and cartoonish soundtracks will give you a mixed feeling. This might impact your focus during gaming too.

Simple and Straightforward Gameplay

This is a level-based game. You play a geometric shape character. Your mission is to go through all the obstacles, dodge your enemies’ attacks and kill them.

You actually ride a rocket that you need to take control of. Pass through all the dangerous levels and meet the final epic boss. Defeat it and you win the game.

You will be prone to get tricked in various deadly setups such as falling sharp rocks, knife attack, rolling barrels, etc..

Many levels will have swinging platforms, while some platforms might be high up in the air.

8-bit Style 2D Graphics

You will like the vintage classic graphics, that will make you remind of 90’s arcade games. With stunning color combinations, you will get lured into playing it for much longer.

The level of detailing shown by almost every object is rather average. You might not be able to notice many details of anything.

If you are not bothered by average graphics, then you will be able to enjoy it. If you like to play games in realistic graphics, then this is not for you.

The animations are slightly rough. You might encounter a little difficulty in controlling your player due to animations.

MOD APK Features

Still not impressed? Download Geometry Dash Lite for android and get some amazing features:

  •  First, Geometry Dash MOD APK unlimited everything version is hacked to offer everything (coins, points, lives, ammo, etc..) unlimited
  • Next, Geometry Dash MOD APK GOD Mode will make you invincible
  •  Geometry Dash MOD APK unlocked all levels will give you every level already unlocked. So, you can always skip any tough level.
  •  Finally, this game is available for free


Geometry Dash Lite is a time killer game, which will give you some enjoyable gaming moments. There is nothing special about this game. It is just straightforward gameplay based on platform game.

Best suitable for players who want to pass their time and come out of boredom. You can easily convert your boring time into a fun time with it. If you are a fan of arcade games, then you are more likely to love Geometry Dash Lite. So Download now!

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